Since requesting a formal meeting with VATRA’s Executive Body “Kryesia” at VATRA headquarters on October 20, 2019 at 11:00am, regarding the gross violations of VATRA’s Bylaws and Constitution over the past 29 months (most recently failing to organize the annual Convention for the second consecutive year), and having received no response to said request for a formal meeting, this Committee—comprised of branch chairpersons, members of the Board of Directors, and members of the Advisory Board—acknowledges the following:

1. VIOLATION OF ARTICLE 28 OF THE BYLAWS AND CONSTITUTION: Under the leadership of Mr. Dritan Mishto, the Executive Body has blatantly and without cause violated Article 28 of the Bylaws and Constitution, which states: VATRA holds its convention once a year, composed of delegates from each regular branch that is recognized by Headquarters as in good order, and which has the necessary number of members. This Executive Body has failed to organize VATRA’s annual Convention for two years and seven months.


We refer to amendments of the Bylaws and Constitution, ratified by the 2014 VATRA Convention, later disaffirmed on March 3, 2018 by Mr. Dritan Mishto via Mr. Musabelliu, whom Mishto appointed chair of the Constitution Safeguard Committee. Mr. Mishto has blatantly violated Amendment 10 of the Bylaws and Constitution which states: The Convention is the highest governing body of VATRA, which is comprised of delegates who convene annually. After an Election Convention there is a Working Convention followed by another Election Convention in the second year. The Executive Body has failed to organize a single Convention, not the Working Convention nor the Elections Convention which should have taken place in June 2019.

3. VIOLATION OF ARTICLE 11 OF THE BYLAWS AND CONSTITUTION: Under the leadership of Mr. Dritan Mishto, the Executive Body continues to manage VATRA beyond their expired term in gross violation of the Bylaws and Constitution. Article 11 of the Bylaws and Constitution states: The officers of VATRA are as follows: a president, a secretary, a treasurer and four board members. These officers together form the Central Committee and are elected for one year by VATRA’s convention which takes place annually at a meeting held by the Delegates VATRA’s convention which takes place annually at a meeting held by the Delegates 2 of the chapters of VATRA. According to this Article of the Bylaws and Constitution the Executive Body has been operating beyond their term since June 2018

4. VIOLATION OF AMENDMENT 6A: Concurrently, if we refer to Amendments of the Bylaws and Constitution approved by the 2014 Convention, which states: The Executive Body of VATRA Federation (formerly The Commission) is a small executing body comprised of eleven (11) officers elected every two (2) years by the Convention. then this Executive Body has been in gross violation according to this amendment since June 11, 2019.

5. VIOLATION OF ARTICLES 15 & 16: Under the leadership of Mr. Dritan Mishto the Board of Directors has convened only twice in 29 months, June 24, 2017 and March 3, 2018. All matters have been decided by Mr. Mishto with total disregard for the Board of Directors. Articles 15 & 16 state: -Article 15: Through the President, the Central Committee puts into effect the resolutions voted at the Convention and helps the president to fulfill his duties as prescribed by the Constitution and the by-laws. -Article 16: The Committee holds a meeting at least six times a year; and if the President deems it necessary, the Committee may meet more than six times during the year.

6. VIOLATON OF AMENDMENT 8A: According to the 2014 VATRA Convention-approved amendments, Amendment 8A states: The VATRA Board of Directors is voted on at the Convention and it is the second highest decision-making body after the Convention. Members are elected from a pool of VATRA members who have been members for at least two (2) years in good standing with a willingness to actively participate on the Board of Directors. The Convention determines the number of members on the Board of Directors, which is in proportion to the number of VATRA member as one (1) Board member for every 25 VATRA members. To calculate this proportion the number of registered VATRA members per branch as well as members at large are taken into account. In addition to the Board members in proportion to the number of VATRA members, the eleven (11) members of the Executive Body and the heads of each branch are automatically included on the Board. The Board of Directors meets four (4) times a year. If required it may meet more often. Mr. Mishto determined the number of members himself according to his whim, nonetheless, the Board of Directors convened only twice in two years and seven months. During the second Board meeting, March 3, 2018, his resignation was requested; the Board of Directors has not convened since.

According to the aforementioned, The 10-5-2019 VATRA Committee considers:

1- The gross violations of the Constitution and Amendments by the Executive Body under Mr. Dritan Mishto operating beyond their legitimate term.

2- All matters decided on June 11, 2019 and thereafter are completely illegitimate and in violation of the Constitution and Amendments.

3- The Executive Body and the President have failed to arrange a new Elections Convention which should have been accomplished prior to the end of their term.

4- Democracy, Transparency, and Tolerance within VATRA, which has characterized VATRA for over a century, has been erased.

The 10-5-2019 VATRA Committee calls for:

1- The resignation of the President and the Executive Body

2- The immediate and complete transfer of VATRA administration to the Committee

3- The transfer of VATRA headquarters in writing

4- The transfer of VATRA’s treasury in writing

5- The transfer of VATRA’s newspaper Dielli and Dielli Online

Obligations of the 10-5-2019 VATRA Committee:

1- To immediately begin preparations for the Election Convention

2- To manage VATRA operations until a new President and Executive Body are elected

3- To be transparent and to set up free and fair elections based on the Constitution and Amendments

The 10.5.2019 VATRA Committee: [1] Mr. Sergio Bitici [2] Mr. Ahmet Giaffo [3] Mr. Ahmet Hoti [4] Dr. Nexhat Kalici [5] Mr. Kris Kirka [6] Mr. Elton Mara [7] Mr. Armin Zota